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our process

Keeping disruptors disruptive

Disruption is a constant way of doing business. To remain relevant, it cannot be defined as a single moment of genius, it requires continuous problem solving and being ahead of the curve. Agencies and consultancies solve problems on a project-by-project basis.


Our approach is different. We believe businesses need partners that understand that there is no destination, but rather, a continuous journey of innovation. As a result, we partner with business that are 0 days, 20 months or 20 years old.


Chances are the businesses that meet modern needs don’t exist. So we will build them.


Change is the new normal. Continual optimisation is essential. Unlocking maximum business potential through technology.


Innovating from within is hard, so that’s why we do it for established brands.

“Both now and in the coming years, adaptability and agility will increasingly eclipse size and scale.” – Exponential Organisations

business & customer

What is the environment and verticals that you operate in, what economic challenges do you face, what are your biggest business challenges, what are your future customer needs and how do you remain relevant

product design

What is the product scope and strategic need, what is the purpose, what is the desired transaction, what is the user-journey, how integral is this product for the future of your business

interface design

Customer Journey Maps, User Storyboards, Wireframes, Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)


Building intellectual property, agility and rapid prototyping, efficiency through optimisation, co-creation engagement model, scalable technology